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Gerardo Collazo-Burgos

Gerardo Collazo-BurgosGerardo Collazo-Burgos

Gerardo Collazo holds a M.A. in Teaching Fine Arts with a Music concentration from Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico. Teaching different cultures has impacted his music career, as he incorporates varied music styles in his teaching, recognizing diversity.

As a ringer, Gerardo has performed in various Handbell Symposiums around the World. Some of the venues include: Japan, England, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Puerto Rico and various cities in the United States. His groups have been selected to participate in the Magic Music Days in Disney World, FL and to performat Universal Studios. He has also been selected to perform for the Handbell Musicians of America and for different orchestras in Puerto Rico.

As a scholar, Gerardo has arranged and composed music for handbells. His thesis was on the history, development and implementation of handbells in the education system. Gerardo began to play handbells when he was 11 years old. He was trained by the best handbell conductors in Puerto Rico. He has also organized 7 Handbell Festivals for more than 500 handbell ringers in Puerto Rico. As a music teacher, Gerardo has taught music theory, music appreciation, music history, recorders, handbell choir and rhythm classes, among others. He has also offered workshops for the development of the art of ringing handbells to prepare teachers and students.

His teaching philosophy has always been to be a facilitator and provide students all the necessary experiences, which will mark them for life and will help them become leaders and responsible people with a sense of love for education. This way they will transmit this love to all members in their community.

By working on the Handbell Choirs, Gerardo has seen a very special culture that manages to unite students to work together and encourages them to learn from all eras throughout history. He gives students the tools and leadership to deal with a society full of changes and challenges and therefore become good people. We live in times of great change worldwide and music may be the one thing that can save the world.